Corporate culture is the spiritual wealth and material form created by an enterprise in its production, operation and management activities under certain conditions. It includes corporate vision, cultural concepts, values, corporate spirit, ethics, codes of conduct, historical traditions, corporate systems, cultural environments, corporate products, and more. Values ​​are at the core of corporate culture.



Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible motive force to promote its development. It contains very rich content, the core of which is the spirit and values ​​of the enterprise. The values ​​here do not refer to the various cultural phenomena in corporate management, but the values ​​held by the company or its employees in operating activities.



Corporate culture is the sum of the business philosophy, business purpose, business policy, value concept, business behavior, social responsibility, and business image formed in the business activities of the enterprise. It is the fundamental embodiment of corporate personalization, and it is the soul of corporate survival, competition and development.



 The material culture of the surface layer is called the "hard culture" of the enterprise. Including plant appearance, plant appearance, machinery and equipment, product modeling, appearance, quality, etc.