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The Cooltest 711 comes in a metal luggage that allows carrying all the accessories required for a proper operation.

The packing includes the following components:

Cooltest 711
Instruction manual
High pressure hose (red)
Low pressure hose (blue)
Hose for vacuum / charge of gas (yelllow)
N. 2 quick joint connectors for R134a
Cable to connect to the car battery
Sensor for temperature reading
Holder for hoses
Hook to hang the Cooltest 711
Metal luggage







The COOLTEST 711 was designed to be user friendly for the technician who works regularly on air conditioning systems.
It can be used in conjunction with the automatic charging gas stations to improve the diagnosis, direct the repair and drive quickly to the solution of the problem.



Main applications:
Instrument of diagnosis to detect faults on the AC system.
Digital pressure gauge of precision to read the gas pressure.
Jointly to an automatic gas charge station for a complets check of the status of the AC system.
Jointly with a vaccum pump to measure the vacuum and detect the presence of leakages in the gas circuit.
Measure the temperature inside the cabin, grill outles or in some parts of the engine compartment





This device allows an immediate diagnosis of 10 possible faults that can occur on the vehicles AC systems.

Types of faults detected by the Cooltest 711:

1 Gas leakages
2 Lack of gas
3 Low compression
4 The compressor does not work
5 Expansion valve chocked
6 Electric fan not working
7 Gas overcharge
8 Condenser panel chocked
9Receiver drier chocked
10 Low pressure circuit chocked




The Cooltest 711 allows you to:

Save time in troubleshooting
Provide a hierarchy inside the workshop


Does not require training for its use

Contributes to the preservation of the environment as an orientation on the type of fault can avoid wasting gas