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Valtest 371


The Valtest 371 comes in a metal luggage with all necessary accessories for proper operation, and lets you transport it easily thanks to its light weight.


The equipment includes the following components:
Valtest 371
12V Cable to connect with batteries
User Manual for proper use.
Metallic carrying case
Cable to connect the compressor.
Cable to connect the ECU.
Universal Cable to connect the ECU
Universal cable to connect the compressor.




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The Valtest 371 was designed to be used easily by the technician who regularly works with the air conditioning systems of the vehicle.
This instrument is essential for making a diagnosis of possible faults that occur in the air conditioning systems of the car. It is also fundamental for the diagnosis of compressors with external adjustment tool.

Detect short circuit or interruption of the electromagnetic valve
Detect valves open circuit
Simulating the climate control operation
Signal variation for determining the performance of the compressor