National Machinery Bureau issued new automotive air conditioning standards in 2001

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What are the main faults and solutions for grease guns?

[Wanguan Hardware Machine Grid] According to Xiaobian, the grease gun is a hand tool for adding grease to mechanical equipment. It can be equipped with an iron gun (iron gun head) or a hose (flat gun head) fueling nozzle. For the refueling position, it is convenient to use the iron gun (iron gun head) in a space-sufficient place. The refueling position is concealed, and the place where the corner is turned must be filled with a hose (flat gun head). This product has many advantages such as simple operation, convenient carrying and wide range of use. It is an indispensable tool for the majority of agricultural machinery and maintenance centers. What are the main faults and solutions for grease guns?



Grease gun main failure


First, the skin bowl is not good. This is almost a common problem of all domestic oil guns. However, it is no wonder that the structure of a oil gun is more complicated than that of ordinary tools. Selling it for a dozen dollars is probably only so. Right


Second, the oil pressure mechanism is not good, but if the spring and the steel ball are no problem, it is probably impossible to repair.


The third is some faults in use. Many of the faults in use are caused by their own operations. You can find a way to avoid them. For example, sand, once you mix a few grains of sand in the butter, and you use a pointed nozzle at this time, then you can guarantee that you are not angry with the oil gun to hate, and it is absolutely not good for the equipment, however In fact, most of this is caused by myself. Therefore, be sure to keep the butter used clean, do not use unclean tools to refuel, and drain the oil container in time.


Grease gun solution


1. If there is a hard rod, you can pull the rod several times, so that the air inside can be mixed with the grease. Reducing the volume of a single bubble may solve the problem, but the effect is not good every time.


2, the most effective method is the deflation method, but this requires hardware support, some gun body has a vent design, when you slowly open the vent screw, the air inside will come out.


3, the last one is the final level of skills, and repeated trials and unsatisfactory, and repeatedly build warfare, when you feel that there is gas inside and can not be played, just turn the combination of the oil gun body and the pump body a few times or a few times back (preferably the side) Turn the side pressure) to ensure your success. The reason is not difficult, that is, when you turn, the gas bubbles inside are actually rotating to another part, and the original part is filled with lubricating oil, so the problem is solved.