Assistant General Manager


Work content:

1. Responsible for the overall work of the office under the leadership of the general manager, and strive to be a good assistant to the general manager.

2. Under the leadership of the general manager, be responsible for the layout, implementation, inspection, supervision and implementation of the specific management of the enterprise.

3. Assist the general manager to do a good job of various management of business services and supervise, check and implement the implementation.

4. Responsible for the classification and submission of various documents. Please ask the group leaders to review and approve them and transfer them to relevant departments for processing.

5. Assist the general manager to investigate, understand the company's operation and management situation, and put forward handling opinions or suggestions for the general manager to make decisions.


Job Responsibilities

Be aware of yourself and be principled. If you can't find the right position, you can't find the foothold, cut-in point, and focus of work, and you can't find "feel" when you work.

Account Manager


Work content:

1. Visit. Productive visits and observations of customers.

2. Segment customers. Identify target markets and potential customers.

3. Risk management. Effectively monitor and control customer risks.

4. Customer relationship management. Keep in touch with customers and mobilize their resources.

5. Customer analysis and evaluation. Analyze and evaluate customers in all aspects.


Job Responsibilities

1, moral quality. Should have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, and strictly observe the secrets of banks and customers.

2. Marketing skills. Able to comprehensively use market segmentation, market positioning, marketing methods and other aspects.

3. Comprehensive knowledge. Have a deep understanding of finance, marketing, law and other knowledge, familiar with all aspects of banking business.